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Welcome to leemosjuntos. I am a middle school Spanish teacher in Texas. I teach conversational Spanish. My curriculum is not appropriate for native speakers. Despite that being made clear in the catalog, I noticed a trend of increasing numbers of native speakers in my level 1 class.

This bothered me on many levels until in 2008 I determined to develop a curriculum that I could use for them. One that they could follow while sitting in my conversational Spanish class. One that was mostly self directed because my time is focused on conversational Spanish.

I decided that a self directed reading program would meet my needs. About half way through the year I realized that the hundreds of hours I had spent developing the materials for the program could be of benefit to other teachers in my position. So I created this blog. I am a great Spanish teacher, but a little web and blog challenged.

Inside this blog you will find comprehension packets for over 40 books. The books I use range from 1.9 to 7.0 grade levels. The book packets are organized by series. I have Junie B Jones, Magic Treehouse, Goosebumps, Twilight, Lightening Thief, Lion Witch and Wardrobe, Hunger Games and others.

My students read, keep a reading log, and complete comprehension packets.

I have posts here on many topics. The categories include: getting started, lessons learned and others.

Prior to being recruited into teaching I worked in Human Resources where I hired and fired people. Based on my experience in private industry, I truly believe that teaching my native speaking students to read and write in Spanish is the greatest favor I could do for them.



1. Ingrid Petersen - October 14, 2009

Wow….this is exactly the type of information I was looking for. I have many heritage speakers in my basic Spanish class and my instinct has been to get them reading and writing. Your blog and resources are a gift. Thank you, thank you.

2. Ingrid Petersen - October 14, 2009

One more question. Any chance I could see what your reading log looks like?

mrsmerritt - October 14, 2009


That is the link to the page from where you can find the link to the reading log. It is a bear to find in the blog! Sorry!

3. Lourdes R. Leal - October 16, 2012

Descubrí tu blog y me parece maravilloso, actualmente estoy dirigiendo un taller de lectura para niños de bajos recursos económicos en la ciudad de México y el material que muestras es muy interesante para desarrollar lectura de comprensión. Muchas Gracias
L.de Alvarez

mrsmerritt - October 18, 2012

Me alegre oírlo. Ojalá que sea de alguna ayuda. Perdona los errores. Hice las tareas con mucha prisa.

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