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Sept 16 2009 new book releases September 16, 2009

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Every time I go to Amazon to check on new releases I find more books that will interest my students. You really can get a better deal with borders.com, but you will pay in aggravation. Breaking Dawn/amanecer the last of the Twilight series is out. The first book in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones/cuidad de hueso by Cassandra Clare is coming out. You can pre-order it. There are 5 Clique books out in Spanish. They include: Clique, los duendes de la camarella, la venganza de las pretenciosas, la invasion de las robachicos. It just makes me want to put on pajama pants, get a spiral notebook for packets and read.

I think back on last year at this time when I was digging every where to find high interest books for middle school students in Spanish. Now, they are practically falling from the sky! The babysitter’s club is still expensive and not readily available. It would be a nice alternative to Goosebumps. But not.

The mania is, my students don’t need this many books. I could stop now and my students would have enough to read for the year. For two years! Plus, I already have a stack 12″ high of Spanish books to make packets for!


Suzanne Collins book releases September 10, 2009

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Suzanne Collins wrote the Gregor, Underland series and is currently 2/3 done publishing the Hunger Games Trilogy. While I didn’t really care for Gregor, lots of my English speaking boys liked the series. Book One, Gregor de las Tierras Altas has been available for a while. This month I found both Los Juegos del Hambre (book 1 of the Hunger Games) and La Profecia de la destruccion (book 2 of the Gregor series) available.  All three can be found at http://www.borders.com/online/store/SearchResults?contrib=Suzanne+Collins&type=1&fromHeader=3

As soon as I get them read I’ll post the packets.

Changes to Borders.com September 10, 2009

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Most of the time you go through life feeling like you can’t change anything. Then, once in a blue moon something happens and you make a difference. That happened with Borders. I buy juvenile Spanish books. Lots of them. I almost always buy them from amazon.com because it is so easy to search for them there. Even when I wanted to use Borders because of the teacher discount and free shipping if it ships to their store, it was so much more effort it was rarely worth it.

A few days ago I sat down and drafted a comment to Borders. I explained that in order to find a Spanish novel on their webpage I had to know the name of the novel. Word for word. Normally I only know the author.

In short, they replied the next day and told me to check out their new website. Now, you can search by author and it will pull up not just the English books, but the Spanish translations as well.

More Book Suppliers February 24, 2009

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I really don’t know why it took me until February to think of Borders for purchasing books for this program. Maybe it is because the Borders bookstore by my house has no useful books in Spanish. Or maybe it is because the search function on Borders is not user friendly unless you know exactly what you want.  The only advantages to Borders as opposed to Amazon is that my school will do a purchase order for Borders but not Amazon. They have a full selection of La Casa del Arbol. Shipping is very inexpensive compared to Amazon. They offer my school a discount.

Overall, their selection of children’s Spanish books is small, even online. That didn’t stop me from submitting a $250 purchase order today.

Where I got my books January 21, 2009

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As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was desperate and in a hurry. I already had 3 Junie B Jones books 3 Magic Tree House books and a bunch of books written at a middle school reading level.

I went to Amazon.com first. They are fast and have a really good supply of Magic Treehouse. They had a few Junie B Jones books in Spanish and pitifully few Goosebumps. I ordered what I could. Ultimately, after searching high and low on the net, and following every lead, I wound up buying most of the books from amazon and club leo.

I got a hold of scholastic Club Leo 1-800-724-6527.

I have learned that Goosebumps books are just difficult to get. Amazon has some, Club Leo only has a few at a time. Some of them are more interesting to read than others. Magic Treehouse were the easiest to get a hold of. As of Jan 2009 there were 20 in Spanish.

In my personal library of juvenile books I had all of the Twilight series, Isabelle Allende’s series starting with Ciudad de las Bestias and the first 3 Harry Potter books. All of those are available from a variety of sources, including my local bookstore.

I learned the books translated in Spain are very hard for my native speakers.