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I personally love reading book series, however there are some books I have in Spanish that I either don’t have the whole series or it isn’t available. They will be found here.


El Ladron del Rayo is the first of the Percy Jackson series. The movie will be out soon. It is filled with colloquialisms and mythological vocabulary. I believe the publishing company was in Spain. In my opinion, the book is actually a little more difficult to read than its AR rating of 4.7. The colloquialisms from Spain made it more difficult than say, El Príncipe de la Niebla which has a rating of 4.9 but more western language. It was still a good book worth reading.


I recently found one Berenstain Bears book. It was fun to read in Spanish. I wish I could find more but have been unable to. The one I found I bought used from Amazon.


I love Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series in English. The first book was just released in Spanish. It will be at least a year before the second book, Catching Fire is translated. It’s good for both boys and girls. It is a big book and intimidates less confident readers, but it isn’t any more difficult than Twilight.


At least the first 4 books in the Artemis Fowl series are available in Spanish. I only have a packet for book 1. While I own the other books I am not going to make packets for them until a student reads the first book. I love the books in english. However, in Spanish I found the technical descriptions of the fairy equipment to be difficult.


El Príncipe de la Niebla was the first book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The tone reminded me of the Goosebumps books. I liked the book. Couldn’t stop reading it. I think boys who like Escalofrios will like this book. While escalofrios books are leveled in the low threes, this book is a 4.9.


El Ladrón del Rayo

El Capitan Calzoncillos #6

Los Osos Berenstain Scouts

Los Juegos del Hambre de Suzanne Collins

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

El Príncipe de la Niebla by Carlos Ruiz Zafón



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