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Casa del árbol

I quickly learned that my middle school native Spanish speaking students didn’t read in Spanish at the same level they could read in English. After some initial trial and error I found several series that fit our needs. Casa del árbol by Mary Pope Osborne   as well as Junie B Jones by Barabara Park were a good level to start. These books are available at amazon.com. They are also available through scholastic’s club leo 1-800-724-6527. However, with club leo you can only order what they are offering at the time. If you have a year to build up your library, club leo is a good route. Otherwise, just sign up for “buy now with 1click” at amazon.

You can either use the right side navigation bar or scroll down to access the various packets.

Libro #1 Dinosaurios

Libro #2 El caballero

Libro #3 Una momia

Libro #4 Piratas

Libro #5 Ninjas

Libro #6 Amazonas

Libro #7 Tigre dientes de sable

Libro #8 La luna

Libro #9 Delfines

Libro #10 Pueblo fantasma

Libro #11 Leones

Libro #12 Osos polares

Libro #13 Un Volcán

Libro #14 Rey Dragón

Libro #15 Vikingos

Libro #16 Juegos Olímpicos

Libro #17 El Titánico

Libro #18 Búfalo

Libro #19 Tigres

Libro #20 Perros Salvajes



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