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Always a surprise September 10, 2009

Posted by mrsmerritt in Other random stuff.

I am frequently lulled into thinking I can’t be surprised anymore. I mean, I have been shocked out of my mind so many times as a teacher that I think eventually there won’t be anything new and surprising. But there always is.

Today one of my native speakers told me she was through with her first Magic Treehouse book. I checked her log and her packet and she had blown through both in less than an hour. I asked her about the book and she had in fact read it. What that told me was that her reading level was at least at 3rd grade. She looked longingly at Crepusculo (Twilight), and rightly so. That was the book she wanted to choose next. It is as big as all 20 Magic Treehouses combined. I suggested she try maybe a Goosebumps book first. But she just looked hungrily at Twilight. I figured, it is about them reading and improving their literacy. If she can’t understand it she’ll lose interest soon enough.

I gave her the book and a packet. At the end of class, clutching the book to her chest, she asked if she could please borrow and take the book home to read. Sadly, since it is my only class copy I had to decline. The surprise was how badly she wanted to read that book this early in the year. The surprise was that she could read as well as she could. The surprise was that I am constantly being surprised by my students, and sometimes it is in a good way.



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