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Where I got my books January 21, 2009

Posted by mrsmerritt in Finding Books, Getting Started, Lessons Learned.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was desperate and in a hurry. I already had 3 Junie B Jones books 3 Magic Tree House books and a bunch of books written at a middle school reading level.

I went to Amazon.com first. They are fast and have a really good supply of Magic Treehouse. They had a few Junie B Jones books in Spanish and pitifully few Goosebumps. I ordered what I could. Ultimately, after searching high and low on the net, and following every lead, I wound up buying most of the books from amazon and club leo.

I got a hold of scholastic Club Leo 1-800-724-6527.

I have learned that Goosebumps books are just difficult to get. Amazon has some, Club Leo only has a few at a time. Some of them are more interesting to read than others. Magic Treehouse were the easiest to get a hold of. As of Jan 2009 there were 20 in Spanish.

In my personal library of juvenile books I had all of the Twilight series, Isabelle Allende’s series starting with Ciudad de las Bestias and the first 3 Harry Potter books. All of those are available from a variety of sources, including my local bookstore.

I learned the books translated in Spain are very hard for my native speakers.



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